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About Claudia Hoosier by birth, Korean by heritage Claudia Choi is now a resident of Los Angeles where she pursues her two great loves - acting and volleyball. You have seen her in numerous ad campaigns, including Washington Mutual, Home Depot, State Farm, Jack in the Box and Verizon.  She is probably referred to in your home as "That funny Asian girl"--or in less enlightened homes as "That funny Oriental girl." She has guest starred on "George Lopez" as a hysterical soon to be bride and on "Private Practice" as a hysterical soon to be mother.  She has also played 13, count 'em--13! lesbians on stage in the LA area.  That's gotta be a record, right? She has also played numerous lawyers, nurses and (much to her father's delight) doctors on television and in film. After graduating from The University of Chicago, she began her career in Charlotte, appearing on stage in several local productions.  She then moved to New York where she continued her theater career, most notably as a company member of the Obie Award winning Medicine Show Theatre. After moving to Los Angeles, she turned her eye towards actually making money and so began appearing in films and on television. When not on set, she is often found performing with her Hawaiian ukulele group, or on volleyball courts around the greater Los Angeles area, usually being hit in the face with the ball.
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